Dr. Laura Funke can show you how Componeers® very thin pre-formed composite veneers will transform your smile in one visit. Componeers® are a completely new class of veneers. These chair-side veneers help correct imperfections and gives you a new smile immediately at a fraction of the cost of traditional veneers. There are just three steps to create a new smile with Componeers®.

Step 1:

Dr. Laura will check the condition of your front teeth and discuss potentional Componeer® options.

Step 2:

Consultation with you to select the shape and color that is best for your new smile. Your teeth are prepared for the veneers, requiring very little tooth removal due to the amazingly thin Componeer®.

Step 3:

Placement and bonding of the Componeer®. Next you can review your smile and make adjustments if needed.

For more information on Componeers® and “Smiles To Go” please visit their website.